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Geoffrey Code’s music is...

Influenced by ‘70’s Top 40 and ‘70’s Power Pop, The Seekers, Donovan and Bob Dylan, Ten Years After, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Queen.

Geoffrey Code’s music is which genre?

Folk – although folk has changed through the years, a touch of jazz and a touch of blues, some rock ‘n roll, roots, singer song-writer, pop rock, indie rock, instrumental, folk rock, Adult Contemporary.

The songs I write are born in one of two ways: first, I’ll think, “Today, I’m going to write a song” using, for example, a G chord, a 6th chord, a riff or whatever, and then I’ll do it.

Island Time was written after a walk on the beach on Hilton Head Island and, as I was walking, I said to myself, “Today, I’m going to write a song using an A6 chord”, which is the chord that opens the song. For the song ‘Smile’, I sat at my piano and said I was going to write a descending riff on a Bb chord. Hence, the opening.

The other way is when I’m just fiddling around on my guitar or piano and some series of notes catches my ear. Then, I try to expand it. Many songs I’ve written were written during music lessons, when my students and I would be chatting and I’d start noodling around on my guitar. ‘If That Weren’t Enough’ was written in this way over the course of several months of chatting in lessons until one day I decided to put it all together.

My music is NOT: Death Metal, Old School, Ambient, House Music, Emo, Punk, Rap, Reggae, Disco, Techno, Hip Hop or country, although my son told me once that both ‘Sweet E’ and ‘A Mile Away’ had a strong country flavor.

Geoffrey Code is...

A musician, music teacher, former journalist, pol and stay at home dad (the best job he ever had). He has played in several bands over the years, notably in MAC, (RIP Greg!), who were the house band a Big Wally’s, and in which I played keys. I was also in the Tod Hughes Project, as a keyboard player and guitarist. Great band and Tod was a great band leader, despite his occasional forgetting where we were in a song during shows, and then the rest of us would guess where we had to go to catch up with him and the sound was that of Hell releasing its malevolent sound all at once. We played in a venue whose stage was so small, the fiddler’s bow kept hitting me in the head.

A duo I was in once was called the Dirty Ol’ Buskers, me on 12 string acoustic, kazoo, harmonica harmony vocals and my buddy Rob on lead vocals and drums. He had a great set-up with his kit where he would play standing up so we were side by side on the stage. But he said it was difficult to play shuffle patterns like that. Don’t ask me! Drummers are out there.

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