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Cabin cafe guitar, singing

Available now on iTunes
Available now on iTunes

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Jennifer Kapp - she sang the vocal on 'When the Flowers and the Dust Have Gone' from the Snow Wonder album.
Jennifer Kapp – she sang the vocal on ‘When the Flowers and the Dust Have Gone’ from the Snow Wonder album.
Gracie, my Beagle. "You're crackin' me up!"
Gracie, my Beagle.
“You’re crackin’ me up!”
Gracie - my Beagle "I am not amused!"
Gracie – my Beagle
“I am not amused!”





Case for my Takamine. It's been around since '82
Case for my Takamine. It’s been around since ’82


















Recording update

4/20/13 was the release date of the self-titled, ill-fated Duhaney Code album.

Self titled is explanation enough – singer Greg Duhaney and me,  musician Geoffrey Code.

Ill-fated because 2 months after the release of the album, Greg retired from the music business. Unfortunate!

The Duhaney Code album was my third album, the previous two being Slideways,  an eclectic instrumental album, and Snow Wonder, a Christmas album with a number of instrumental covers and two originals – Snow Wonder, an instrumental written to evoke memories of childhood Christmas’ past, and When the Flowers and the Dust Have Gone, an homage to the beginning of winter.

Well, now I am back in the recording  studio. I have 2 albums planned at the moment and have started them both.  I don’t want to give out any secrets so hopefully you will check in in this space to find out what’s happening. I will try to keep you informed as to the progress of the recording and writing and production of the albums.

Stay tuned… Thanks.