Hallelujah – Hare Krishna

Everyone has, of course, heard the background singers chant in the song My Sweet Lord. After all, it’s an incredibly popular song and George Harrison’s highest ever charting single.george my sweet lord

The song has a positive vibe to it that is just hard to beat.

The chant is interesting too. Like all chants, it is steady, monotone, nothing too exciting. It starts out using the word ‘Hallelujah’ and does so for the first fifteen chants. Then it switches to Hare Krishna, (Hare Hare, Hare Rama) six times, goes back to Hallelujah and then full on, during the coda, into a Hare Krishna chant.

LET IT ROLL (BALLAD OF SIR FRANKIE CRISP) is a song from the All Things Must Pass album with a truly amazing chant. This one is a simple Hare Krishna chant but it is very deep down in the mix. I wasn’t aware of through several listenings of the song.

(Sir Frankie Crisp, according to Wikipedia, …

Sir Frank(ie) Crisp

Sir Frank Crisp, 1st Baronet (25 October 1843 in London – 29 April 1919) was an English lawyer and microscopist. He was also a former owner of Friar Park, the home George Harrison bought in 1970.)

In fact, the day I first heard it was a cold blustery day in the autumn of 1981. A friend and I had been at the library at the local university. We went up there to watch 2001: A Space 2001 space odysseyOdyssey, (this is back before dvd’s, on demand, even vcr’s. Going to the library was the only way to see out of date movies.) We sat in the cubicles and watched the flick with headphones on, not interacting at all. When the movie ended, we parted and, on my way home was listening to a tape, (yes, a cassette tape – won, has technology changed things) of All Things Must Pass. Volume was really loud and, while driving along, I heard the chant. It so shocked me, not having heard it before, I had to stop, rewind and listen again.

It became a very mystical song for me after that day.

Magic!all things alt cover