Just For Today – George Harrison


I Got My Mind Set On Yougot my mind...

When We Was Fabfab

Two big hits from George Harrison’s Cloud Nine album. Hardly songs of a suicidal victim of depression, wouldn’t you say.

Got My Mind … was a cover of an obscure song written by Ruby Clark, certainly obscure no more.

When We Was Fab was the creation of a genius in production. I love the song for the periodic feel of the ’60’s and the ‘Fab’ era. And the video, a production of Godley and Crème, formerly of 10cc, produced the video, in which Ringo is the Starr, and its just pure Golden Memorobilia.


Yet, there is this …

Just For Today – George Harrison

Just for today

I could try to live through this day only

Not deal with all life’s problems

Just for today


If just for one night

I could feel not sad and lonely

Not be my own life’s problem

Just for one night

Just for today


A moving piano song that one should not play in the presence of others – it simply takes too much concentration to listen to it properly.

The suicide of Robin Williams has weighed heavily on me.

I don’t know if he was depressed, although I’ve heard he was, and trying to treat it. I don’t know what was going on with him but I feel a common bond with him. Not because he was in many films I saw from my ’20’s through until recently, starting with Mork and Mindy, but because of the improvisational nature of his craft. Mine, on a much smaller scale, is the same.

Read this, from the editor of Cracked.comcracked

Don’t let the title of the magazine fool you, this article is insightful.

So, after having read the article, what do we make of the poem?

Was George depressed?

I’ll never know.

But this song explains how I feel when I am feeling down. And feeling further down that just down. It explains a lot.

But it has been a song that has played in my head for over 20 years – since I first heard it. And it doesn’t play only when I’m sad and lonely or have problems that I feel are caused by me only. It plays often – for no reason at all. And it reminds me of how fragile life is. How fragile love is, too. And how fragile we, as humans are. Despite the repeated comfortings from others that we are not alone, we often are. And there is nothing worse.

I wrote about it in my song Turnin’ Me.geoffreycode_TurninMe

Thank you George, for a great, and vastly under-rated song.george bangladesh 3