Slade – All Join Hands. Happy New Year

Have the time of your life when you’re younger.all join

Have the time of your life when you’re old.

Drink the wine, feeling fine

As we sing Auld Land Syne

We all join hands

We all join hands

So let’s all join hands her and now.


As you can read elsewhere on this blog, I recorded a Christmas album, with a couple originals and a few covers. As a nod to the New Year, I did a minimalist cover of The Wassail Song.geoffreycode_snowwonder

Rather than the usual gawdy happiness of passing another year and entering another headlong, it actually has a feeling of melancholy and, even, apprehension, as one might feel approaching a New Year, or any other ‘new’ thing one may be facing in their life.

And the New Year is that. year

One person I was speaking with never liked the whole idea of the ’13’ in 2013 and he thinks it jinxed his whole year. He will feel a whole lot better once we are back in even numbers – or, at least, not unlucky numbers.

While I’m not sure I subscribe to that, it is another New Year and 2014 is here tomorrow.

What music to listen to on New Year’s?

Surely to God the Christmas music is finally over! Isn’t it?

There are still some stations playing it until the first or second of January. For those not, what do we do?

Back in the ’70’s, Dan Fogelberg, a Renaissance Man as a musician if there ever was one, fogelberghad a song called ‘Same Old Lang Syne’. Brilliant song. Heartfelt. There was a time when that song meant everything to me and, one particular New Year’s Eve, amidst a great steak and lobster meal and cigars, I had a very memorable dance to that song.

An original song with a sax solo that incorporates the melody of Auld Land Syne. It’s great.

And there are probably a number of New Year’s Eve songs that are good.

slade4But the best, and I mean, THE BEST, is the one Slade did.

All Join Hands. (please note that you tube changes the address of links occasionally so if slade3the link doesn’t go directly to the video, search Slade all join hands)

From their album Rogues Gallery, released in 1984.

The ‘official’ video for this song is great. Good ol’ Noddy being naughty. But, beyond that, the sentiment is timeless.

In keeping with the New Year’s theme, as you grow, year after year, one’s reminisces of friends – current, past, lost – seem as sharp as ever. There are people I would love to see again, alive and dead. There are people I hope I am done with forever. There are people I currently know that I don’t know well enough and would like to get to know better. There are people who appear to have a limited time left on this planet and it makes me sad thinking about it.

Ah, but to take the hand of someone you love, or miss, or want to get to know better, or have screwed up with, or, any reason, as Noddy does in the video, and lead them to the dance floor. Waltz tightly for a few minutes and speak intimately as the music plays – not just any music but music written specifically to bring reminiscence, and happy reminiscence, to your mind – now that is a dance.

SladeWho would have thought Slade capable? From their early hits, Mama Wear All Crazy Now, (their spelling, not mine), to Run RunAway in the ’80’s, they were the epitome of glam rock, even out-doing the Raspberries, a great, but pale, imitation of them, and everyone else as well!raspberries

In the ’70’s. Slade sold more singles than any other British band. They had more number 1’s than anyone else. They were the BIGGEST band from the UK in the ’70’s. 25 hit singles. 15 albums. Did you know that?Slade2

And their last song to enter the Top 20? Why, it was All Join Hands, of course. One of their best.

There are official videos of the song posted all over the internet and there are also live versions from those terrific TV shows from the ’70’s, a speciality of Brit TV, where the band plays ‘live’ at a party.

I suppose that fake TV still goes on. I don’t know, I don’t watch enough to know. Hell, I didn’t watch enough in the ’70’s to know. But when Slade did it, they did it full blast!

I love watching Jim Lea playing the piano. He was piano and bass in Slade, and main co-writer, with Noddy. Noddy got all the press but I think Jim Lea was the main musician in the band. You can always tell.slade-borrowed-80

A few notes about some of the live video shots:

a) How does Noddy smile so much as he sings? Hmmm. Something I have never mastered, although I have worked with people who can do it and marveled!

b) check out the pants of guitarist Dave Hill. Those are brilliant anytime! And the hat too!dave hill

c) Doesn’t Jim Lea look at least 10 years younger than the rest of the lads? I know he’s not, but it sure looks like it.

d) You need to see Slade’s movie – Slade – On Fire. Most would call it the worst movie ever. Whatever. It’s a movie about a rock n roll band.

Most of all, you need to listen to All Join Hands on New Year’s Eve and all through the jonesy and bonzoChristmas season because nobody delivers live Noddy Holder. And Slade?  Great band. While everyone is freddiemercuryimg461exclaiming that Freddy was the best frontman ever, a claim I don’t dispute, and that Bonzo and Jonesy were a great rhythm section, let’s not forget the boys from Wolverhampton, (wasn’t a certain singer and drummer from Zeppelin also from around there?)

One last note – Noddy was rejected by Page and Jonesy in 1968 because he was too ‘flamboyant’. They settled on page jonesRobert Plant!

Have the time of your life when you’re younger.

Have the time of your life when you’re old.

Drink the wine, feeling fine

As we sing Auld Land Syne

We all join hands

We all join hands

So let’s all join hands her and now.


Happy New Year!


All Join Hands